Erik Glitman to Receive 2013 Fellows Award for Competitive Intelligence at the SCIP Annual Conference

Each year SCIP recognizes three exceptional individuals for their professional achievements and promotion of the competitive intelligence profession and SCIP. For 2013 a volunteer committee reviewed the submissions of all individuals nominated by their peers for the SCIP Fellows Award, and selected Erik Glitman as one of this year’s recipients.  Erik will be honored for his contribution to the profession at the 28th Annual Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals International Conference, May 6-9 in Orlando Florida.

 “I am honored to receive the Fellows Award from SCIP,” said Mr. Glitman, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Fletcher/CSI.  “Since I became active in competitive intelligence in 1986, I have seen SCIP and the practice of CI go through many changes and develop increasing levels of sophistication.  I look forward to being an active part of the continued evolution of SCIP and the CI industry in the coming years.

“Competitive intelligence is about more than just understanding competitors. It is about how companies develop strategy and tactics in constantly changing markets.  As companies become more attuned to CI, they will integrate competitive awareness into more decisions.  SCIP is equally affected by the changes in the industry and the next years will be an exciting time to be in SCIP and CI.  I look forward to working with the other Fellows, helping the profession adapt to meet these changes.”

Mr. Glitman will receive his 2013 Fellows Award at the SCIP International Conference and Exhibition in Orlando, Fl. “One of the best places to see how CI has evolved, and to learn more about how companies integrate CI into operations, is at the SCIP Annual conference,” he added.  “The conference is a great event and presents CI professionals, and those who are interested in learning more about CI, with a great opportunity to interact with their peers and share knowledge. I applaud the work of the annual SCIP conference committee and all the presenters for their hard work and a successful event.”


Clifford Kalb to Receive Meritorious Award for Competitive Intelligence at the SCIP Annual Conference

Each year SCIP recognizes one individual for their professional achievements and promotion of the competitive intelligence profession. For 2013 a select volunteer committee reviewed the submissions of all individuals nominated by their peers for the SCIP Meritorious award, and selected Clifford Kalb as this year’s recipient. The Meritorious  Cliff will be honored for his contribution to the profession at the 28th Annual Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals International Conference, May 6-9 in Orlando Florida.

“My experience in competitive intelligence and strategy provided a very special opportunity to become closely engaged with senior executives at major global pharmaceutical companies,” said Cliff. “I’ve been extremely lucky to learn from great mentors in corporate professional roles and in my industry, as well as in SCIP and the competitive intelligence profession. I believe the greatest contribution that one can make is to “pay it forward” to others who have a thirst for knowledge and an unquenchable natural curiosity, and who are motivated to invent new ways to promote the art and science of decision-support.”

“I’ve been given wonderful opportunities to serve as an intelligence practitioner, consultant, instructor, and volunteer leader,” he added. “Along the way I’ve had the chance to develop and coach several hundred remarkably talented individuals, many who have gone on to successful careers and achieved far greater accomplishments than I could ever have imagined. I share this award with my mentors, co-workers, colleagues and all the friends I’ve been privileged to meet and I continue to learn from. I will be forever grateful to SCIP and the intelligence community for this high honor.”

Nan Bulger, Executive Director of SCIP, congratulates Mr. Kalb on receiving the Meritorious award. “Cliff has been instrumental in the development of competitive intelligence as a core competency and skill in industry. He has been a dedicated SCIP member and Fellow for many years. Cliff currently leads the Fellows group where he is responsible for orchestrating our Fellows FAQs and the Fellows at the Fireside effort. We are grateful for his dedicated and long term efforts on behalf of the intelligence profession and the SCIP organization.”

Please join us in honoring Clifford Kalb and the other SCIP award recipients at this year’s SCIP annual conference, May 6-9 in Orlando Florida. SCIP 2013 is the premier conference for sharpening your competitive edge. It is truly “Where the world’s intelligence leaders meet.” For further information please go to

SCIP Award nominations are now open!

Nominating another person for one of the 2013 SCIP awards (Meritorious, Fellow, or Catalyst) is as easy as 1-2-3:

1.  Think of another SCIP member who has made outstanding contributions to SCIP and/or the competitive intelligence profession.

2.      Fill out the nomination form’s three question areas: your name and your nominee’s name, why they deserve the award, and two people who agree to second the nomination.

3.      Email the form.

You can find the nomination forms in the SCIP website here.

Feel free to nominate as many deserving individuals as you want, but do it before January 28. Self nominations are also accepted. Final award recipients receive a shiny award at the SCIP annual conference and our thanks.

Questions? Contact Bonnie Hohhof at

Glen Brynteson Appointed to SCIP Board

Long-time competitive intelligence professional Glen Brynteson will be joining the 2013 Board in January. He currently Chairs the Austin Texas SCIP chapter and received the SCIP Catalyst Award in 2012.  Mr. Brynteson provides strategic leadership for his firm, Market Awareness. As the demand for competitive intelligence grows, he works to maintain the company’s signature dedication to quality and unique competitive intelligence solutions for companies seeking to outperform and outmaneuver their competition. Market Awareness serves a global market that is primarily focused on Fortune 500 companies.

“It is an honor to be appointed to the SCIP Board”, says Mr. Brynteson. “I am looking forward to leveraging our successful strategies from the Austin Texas SCIP chapter at the national and international level. I am excited to contribute and add value to an organization that is really gaining momentum.”

“We are thrilled to have Glen join the board in 2013, we are looking forward to leveraging his creative ideas and energy to increase SCIP’s presence in local markets.” Says, Melanie Wing, chair, SCIP Board of Directors.

In 1998, Mr. Brynteson built his first professional services firm into a multinational consultancy by developing unique solutions to clients’ unmet needs. Fifteen years later, he has never stopped working to get closer to his customers to better understand their challenges and identify solutions that work to complement the decision-making process. In 2006 Mr. Brynteson launched his second firm, Market Awareness, in response to his own constant and unmet need for reliable, data-driven insight into his clients’ perspectives and perceptions. Since launching their one-of-a-kind competitive intelligence solution, Market Awareness has been met with overwhelming support at all levels of clients organizations, for companies of all sizes across all industries.

Alysse Nockels of McAfee Elected to SCIP 2013 Board

Alysse Nockels will be joining the 2013 Board of the Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals’ (SCIP) organization this month. She is responsible for all aspects of the McAfee competitive intelligence department, including building the skillset of the competitive intelligence team, incorporating the latest analytical frameworks, educating internal customers, assisting sales in competitive deals,  guiding product development activities, and driving strategic decisions.  In Ms. Nockels’ eight years in competitive intelligence, she has increased competitive intelligence visibility within the organization, successfully recruited and retained a team of CI analysts, and developed a company-wide CI ethics policy.

“Being elected to the SCIP Board of Directors is truly an honor.  SCIP is a fantastic organization that has really helped me grow as a competitive intelligence professional and I’m grateful to be given this opportunity to give back,” said Ms. Nockels. Added Michel Bernaiche, Chair of the Board of Directors, “It is extremely exciting to see new Board members with such natural leadership capabilities.  We look forward to utilizing Alysse’s leadership qualities to advance the value that SCIP provides to its membership,”

Prior to joining McAfee in 2006, Ms Nockels was senior systems security engineer and senior market research planner in the Price to Win team at Lockheed Martin. She received a BS in telecommunication systems at University of Wisconsin and an MS in information technology from Capella University.  She has Competitive Intelligence Professional (CIP-II)  certification and Pragmatic Marketing Product Management certification.

Melanie Wing of Equifax Elected Chair of the 2013 SCIP Board

The SCIP Board of Directors elected Melanie Wing, Vice President, Strategic Marketing at Equifax as the 2013 Board Chair.

Joining fellow 2013 Officers of SCIP — August Jackson, Vice Chair and Andrew Beurschgens, Secretary-Treasurer  — Melanie Wing will serve as Chair for 2013.  She will be providing guidance and direction to the organization while working closely with the new Executive Director, Nan Bulger.

“I am honored to serve the members of SCIP as Board Chair,” said Ms. Wing. “We are in a time of transition and growth for the Society and I am very pleased to support SCIP during this exciting period of change.”

Melanie Wing serves as Vice President Strategic Marketing and Customer Insights Leader for Equifax, Inc. where she is responsible for understanding industry and market trends, customer insight, and the competitive dynamics that drive the development and implementation of results-oriented business strategies.  She has a long history of working in strategic and competitive intelligence and this will be her second turn as the Chair of the Board.  She has previously received SCIP’s Catalyst Award in 1999 as well as receiving the SCIP Fellow Award in 2007.

Sean Campbell of Cascade Insights Elected to SCIP Board

Elected by the SCIP membership, Sean Campbell will start his board term on January 1, 2013. He is a co-owner of Cascade Insights a competitive intelligence and business strategy firm that targets Fortune 500 organizations. “I’m honored to be elected to the SCIP board and I’m looking forward to working with all of the great individuals, both on staff and volunteers, who make up SCIP’s leadership team,” said Mr. Campbell.

 Added Michel Bernaiche, SCIP Board chair, “Sean brings an entrepreneurial and solution provider perspective to the Board of Directors that will add balance to an already impressive perspective of academic and practitioner views.  We look forward to his contributions to the advancement of SCIP.”

 Mr. Campbell is also an accomplished author and a frequent speaker on competitive intelligence and strategy topics.  His fourth book, “Going Beyond Google: Gathering Internet Intelligence,” was listed as a must-read for 2009–2010 by the Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals society. He was also chair of the Oregon Chapter of SCIP from 2007 to 2009 and was the recipient of a catalyst award from SCIP.  In terms of public speaking, Mr. Campbell regularly delivers workshops and sessions at national and international events.  Additionally, he is a contributing assistant professor at Willamette University’s Atkinson Graduate School of Management, where he teaches industry analysis and competitive intelligence.