Strategy: It’s Not Bragging If You Can Do It — May 7 Orlando, Fl.

Mark Chussil of Advanced Competitive Strategies, Inc. will present an interactive session on advanced strategic thinking on Tuesday, May 7 at the 28th SCIP International Conference and Exhibition in Orlando, FL.

Every company “does” strategy. They don’t all succeed at it, but they all try. The problem is it’s very hard to know when a company has succeeded at strategy because it’s very hard to know whether a company has been lucky or smart. It matters. If, for example, your company thinks it was smart when it was merely lucky, it will persist with its strategy and blame innocent people when its luck runs out.

“Why didn’t Blockbuster become Netflix? Why did GM go bankrupt? Why did the Safeway and Supervalu grocery chains pick opposite pricing paths through the recession?,” asks Mr. Chussil. “They had smart, motivated, experienced strategists. They surely knew the conventional wisdom and used the established tools. They tried to succeed but something went wrong despite the wisdom and the tools.”

During this interactive, entertaining, and thought-provoking session on May 7 at the 28th SCIP International Conference and Exhibition in Orlando, FL, attendees will confront the core question: how do you know if you’ve “done” strategy right. Unfortunately, the answer is not as simple as looking at a business’ performance. In fact, that approach is part of the problem.

“I’ve seen Fortune 500 companies change their strategies overnight when they’ve realized their strategic thinking was flawed,” Mr. Chussil adds. “Getting ‘out of the box’ doesn’t apply only to operations and technology. It applies also to strategic thinking.” This session will show that being human is a risk factor for doing strategy well, that it’s possible to mitigate the risks while remaining human, and that a simple framework can help distinguish a smart strategy from one that’s got to get lucky.

Mr. Chussil has addressed SCIP conferences for almost 20 years. He’s worked so much with SCIP because the organization fosters such a vibrant, stimulating marketplace of ideas. “Every year hundreds of smart people attend who are eager to talk, listen, teach, and learn. People share their thoughts enthusiastically in an energetic, open-minded atmosphere. And the people who run SCIP conferences are real professionals. SCIP has the right to brag about their conferences, except it’s not bragging. Their conferences work year after year.”

The 2013 SCIP International Conference and Exhibition will be held on May 6 through 9 at the Caribe Royal in Orlando, Florida. SCIP 2013 has a powerful and dynamic agenda: 5 track themes, 2 learning levels, 25 executive insight presentations from leading competitive intelligence professionals and competitive strategy executives, 30 interactive sessions, and 8 pre-conference workshops. All this, combined with endless opportunities to network, make new contacts, share experiences, understand best practices and lessons learned, makes SCIP 2013 the premier conference for sharpening your competitive edge. It is truly “Where the world’s intelligence leaders meet.” For further information please go to  the SCIP website.


About SCIP News
The Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP), formerly the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals, is a global nonprofit membership organization for everyone involved in creating and managing business knowledge. Our mission is to enhance the success of our members through leadership, education, advocacy, and networking. Specifically, SCIP provides education and networking opportunities for business professionals working in the rapidly growing field of competitive intelligence (the legal and ethical collection and analysis of information regarding the capabilities, vulnerabilities, and intentions of business competitors). Many SCIP members have backgrounds in market research, strategic analysis, or science and technology. Established in 1986, today SCIP has chapters around the world, with individual members in nations around the globe. In addition, SCIP has alliance partnerships with independent affiliate organizations in many countries.

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