Alysse Nockels of McAfee Elected to SCIP 2013 Board

Alysse Nockels will be joining the 2013 Board of the Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals’ (SCIP) organization this month. She is responsible for all aspects of the McAfee competitive intelligence department, including building the skillset of the competitive intelligence team, incorporating the latest analytical frameworks, educating internal customers, assisting sales in competitive deals,  guiding product development activities, and driving strategic decisions.  In Ms. Nockels’ eight years in competitive intelligence, she has increased competitive intelligence visibility within the organization, successfully recruited and retained a team of CI analysts, and developed a company-wide CI ethics policy.

“Being elected to the SCIP Board of Directors is truly an honor.  SCIP is a fantastic organization that has really helped me grow as a competitive intelligence professional and I’m grateful to be given this opportunity to give back,” said Ms. Nockels. Added Michel Bernaiche, Chair of the Board of Directors, “It is extremely exciting to see new Board members with such natural leadership capabilities.  We look forward to utilizing Alysse’s leadership qualities to advance the value that SCIP provides to its membership,”

Prior to joining McAfee in 2006, Ms Nockels was senior systems security engineer and senior market research planner in the Price to Win team at Lockheed Martin. She received a BS in telecommunication systems at University of Wisconsin and an MS in information technology from Capella University.  She has Competitive Intelligence Professional (CIP-II)  certification and Pragmatic Marketing Product Management certification.


About SCIP News
The Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP), formerly the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals, is a global nonprofit membership organization for everyone involved in creating and managing business knowledge. Our mission is to enhance the success of our members through leadership, education, advocacy, and networking. Specifically, SCIP provides education and networking opportunities for business professionals working in the rapidly growing field of competitive intelligence (the legal and ethical collection and analysis of information regarding the capabilities, vulnerabilities, and intentions of business competitors). Many SCIP members have backgrounds in market research, strategic analysis, or science and technology. Established in 1986, today SCIP has chapters around the world, with individual members in nations around the globe. In addition, SCIP has alliance partnerships with independent affiliate organizations in many countries.

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